And The Baby Is A....

This past year has been a busy year for our family. We were married in July, moved into our new home in August, found out we were pregnant in September, and added a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to our family in November (post to come). 

There were times when I felt overwhelmed and exhausted (especially during my first trimester). There have been so many changes in such a short amount of time, but every single one of them have been an incredible blessing.. 

I had convinced myself that this pregnancy was going to produce a wee baby boy. I told everyone I was sure it was a boy and I am pretty sure that I convinced most of the people around me that it was a boy. When we received the results, I immediately sent them off to my sister-in-law, Amanda. Brian and I had discussed how we wanted the whole family to find out what the gender was with us. We were given the results mid-November and waited until both sides of the family were in Southern California for our New Years vacation. Amanda did a fabulous job of keeping a secret and organizing our reveal. (Thanks Amanda!)

Turns out we are having a baby girl! I was in complete shock, but now that I have had time to let it settle in I could not be more excited for the adventure to come. Claire is going to make the BEST big sister, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about the bond/memories that she will get to have with this sweet baby girl. Brian has already shown me what an amazing father he is and I am excited to continue to learn how to parent along side him. Welcome to our family Karis Olivia Craft, we cannot wait to meet you this upcoming May! 

Photography by Rachel Jane Photography