ABC Adventure: Fiji Edition


“You plan the honeymoon and I will plan the wedding”, is what I told Brian last year. He agreed and exceeded any fairytale expectations that I had of a honeymoon. It was the perfect combination between relaxation, romance, and adventuring off into the unknown.

The stars shone bright, the food was fresh, the ocean filled with the most beautiful fish, but what stood out most of all were the people of Fiji. It was such a humbling experience to be able to be with the villagers and learn about their everyday life. Most of their homes had no doors and they slept on the dirt floors. The kids attend school on their home island for grades K-8 and then move to the big island to continue high school. What made them so unique is the genuine contentment with their lives. Everything was so simple and they were so happy. You could see it in the way they smiled, sang, and laughed with one another. Life is good.

They introduced us to so many cool things about their culture, such as Kava, their famous Fijian drink! They mix the powdered root of the pepper plant, Kava, with water and drinking it causes a numbing sensation around your mouth. They say that if you drink 5 “high tide” (meaning full) bowls of Kava that you will have the best sleep you have ever had. We had a fun time watching them make it and they taught us the proper way to drink Kava, which included two claps acknowledging your acceptance of the drink and then two claps after you drink to say thank you.

In addition to being able to go to the village and a Fijian church service, many of the locals worked at the resort we were staying, Qamea Resort and Spa. They were so kind and quickly became our friends. “Bula Ana, Bula Brian!” is the way we were greeted everywhere we went on the resort. (Bula means hello in Fijian) The community aspect of the resort made me feel at home, in the way you feel a sense of ease around your family or close friends. We had the best time meeting couples from around the world and learning about the Fijian culture.  I highly recommend going to visit for a celebration or just for fun. Big thanks to my hubby for planning everything, love you!