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Go Claire, It's Your Birthday!

Go Claire, It's Your Birthday!


Claire turned the big 1-0 today!

And we could not be more proud of the person that she is growing into. 

So we headed on over to the Confetti Room at Montrose Studio to document this special day! 

Because.. well.. you only turn 10 once. 

One of my favorite things about Claire is the way that she loves her sister. As an only child who had gone through a tremendous amount of change within the last couple of years, I was worried that the addition of another girl in the family would be a negative experience. BUT Claire proved me wrong! She has taken Karis in and loved her whole heartedly. The bond that these two share is so special and I am incredibly proud of Claire. She loves others genuinely and well. 

We are so thankful for the LIFE and JOY that Claire brings to this family.

So here are 10 things that we absolutely love about Claire: 

1. She loves Jesus : She goes out of her way to tell others about Jesus with no shame or hidden agenda. We are most proud of her girls bible study that she created all on her own. 

2. Family comes first : There is nobody she would rather be with than her family. She has been raised by many family members (Fun Fact: her first word was Dee Dee) and is quick to accept new ones. She accepted me with open arms and loves spending time with my parents, her Pop Pop and Grandma (especially at Disneyland). My family is so appreciative of the way she loves us. 

3. She makes the best of situations : Life isn't always easy but she makes it look that way. No one is going to rain on her parade!

4. She is ALWAYS smiling : I think her favorite thing to do is smile. People have always commented that she smiles in all that she does and it is a beautiful smile at that! 

5. She goes out of her way to make other people feel included

6. She toots her own horn: She is confident in her ways. From the way she dresses, talks, walks, runs, and even her silly animals noises. Homegirl owns it and she owns it well. 

7. She is passionate about studying animals : Fun fact did you know that an armadillo is related to an elephant? This is the kind of fact she spits out at least 10 times a day in this house. 

8. She has a good sense of humor and makes herself laugh

9. She likes to explore new places : She has become a great traveler, thanks to her daddy. 

10. She's a total daddy's girl : Lord knows she loves her daddy. Lol. 

Karis' Nursery

Karis' Nursery