ABC Adventure: Napa + Indy Races

I live in Napa. That’s Northern California. And I live next door to a vineyard.

A what-yard?

A vineyard. It’s where you grow grapes to make wine.
— The Parent Trap

We love Napa! I grew up close to Napa so it was where we had our first date and a couple years later - where we found out we were PREGNANT! (which was this trip, to be exact.) Needless to say, Napa is a very special place for us. 

We made this trip with one of our favorite couple friends to enjoy the wineries and Indy Race! We literally found out 10 minutes before leaving on our winery tours that I was pregnant. I had a hunch and made Brian go get me a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. Sure enough it was positive and there went my day of wine tasting. Which I was fine with... because I WAS PREGNANT! The rest of the day was spent trying hard not to tell every single stranger about our exciting news.