My Travel Essentials


Yay! Spring Break is upon us and it the eve of our adventure off to Oahu, Hawaii. This is our last big family trip before Karis makes her way into the world. So this is our "Spring Break + BabyMoon" vacation. Oahu is one of my favorite places to visit and I have been so fortunate to grow up on the west coast, which makes the island hop a short 5 hour journey. Now that I live in Texas I understand why Texans do not go to Hawaii as often as west coasters. It is a solid 8.5 hour flight to Hawaii from Houston, Texas. Yikes, I might as well be going international! So I made a list of my favorite things as far as long flight entertainment and comfort goes. This flight will be quite a different journey in itself as I am currently 28 weeks pregnant, but I would say Hawaii is worth the sacrifice. 

These are my to go for comfort on long flights:

1. Travel Blanket: Is it just me or is it freezing on long flights? 

2.  Compression socks: These work wonders on long flights to help circulate the blood flow

3. Neck Pillow + Eye Mask : Comfort is EVERYTHING on long flights

4. Wake Up Wipes + Face Mist:  This is to help keep my face fresh and hydrated

5. Savvy Travel Wipes: I bought a jet setter pack that had various types. I like the tech wipes and teeth wipes the best

6. Lip Balm, Concealer, and powder : This is to help me look like a semi decent human after a long flight 

 I have found this to be my perfect combination of things to do on a long flight: 

1. MacBook : because this provides endless possibilities of entertainment 

2. FRENDS headphones: not only are they stylish, but they work so well! Sometime my ears will hurt if I wear them too long so I bring a back up pair of headphones, the apple classic ear pods

3. Sudoku : It's my favorite puzzle 

4. Sketch book + essentials bag full of my favorite pens : this is to practice hand lettering, make to-do lists, and/or let Claire sketch 

5. My current book : Parenting with Love & Logic (THE BEST PARENTING BOOK I HAVE EVER READ)