ABC Adventure: Exploring North Shore


Claire and I LOVE pineapple. Brian not so much, but he was a trooper and tried the Dole pineapple ice cream (which is also served at Disneyland if you cannot make the trip to Hawaii). We toured around the Dole plantation, conquered the Dole pineapple maze (thanks to Claire), and bought some fun souviners.  

Welzie is a local artist who started out as a surfboard shaper with a rad imagination. People started to recognize his designs reflected on surfing style and the local surroundings of Hawaii. Sure enough everyone wanted a piece of his art. This is a mural that he painted outside of a North Shore shop. I was also able to purchase some cool designs of his artwork for my office! Win win situation. If you are interested in his artwork check his site out here

Matsumoto's shaved ice is a MUST in North Shore. Every single time we go to Hawaii we have to stop and grab one. I am not even a fan of shaved ice, but this is on a whole different level. They have a wide selection of flavor choices and a huge bonus is that you can add ice cream at the bottom of it. WORTH IT! 

Claire was stoked to see some sea turtles. Believe it or not these are the smallest sea turtles I have ever seen. We normally come to Oahu in November and see sea turtles that are double to triple in the size of these little babies. But we still had a blast and loved watching them swim around in the ocean.