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Inside my hospital bag

Inside my hospital bag


Okay Mamas, give me some grace in that fact that this is my first time giving birth. I have done my "research", but like all things you really do not know what to expect until you actually do something. So this is what I have put together through different website lists, blog posts from other moms, and advice given from friends. 

I have been told that comfort is key in "relaxing" during this not so relaxing time of life. I purchased the Mama Bundle set from Francis & Henry and boy am I happy that I did. Included in this set is a nursing dress, cardigan, headband, swaddle blanket, and Eve & Rose body oil. They come in various neutral colors (which is my go to anyways) and everything is incredibly soft. Like ridiculously soft. It comes packaged beautifully in the box pictured above and I cannot wait to use it in the hospital. 

In addition to the nursing dress and cardigan above I packed some good ol' granny panties and a nursing bra that was purchased from Hatch. I have been told granny panties are a must and who am I trying to impress anyways? No one. I also packed travel size Aveda for showering (which I have heard differing mom opinions on if you really use the hospital shower), some Kopari coconut lotion, and Philosophy purity face wipes


Here is an overall list of what I have packed, hopefully I use it all and if not I will come back and update! 

  • Nursing Dress
  • Cardigan/Robe
  • Headband/hair ties 
  • Wet brush hairbrush 
  • Main toiletries
  • My own towel (for shower)
  • Lotion/Body oil
  • Swaddles
  • Baby headbands/accessories 
  • Baby go on outfit
  • Camera
  • Iphone + Charger
  • Portable speakers to play calming music 
  • My own blanket
  • Printed out copy of my birthing plan
  •  Small thank you gifts for staff 
  • Handkerchief for tears of joy (or pain) 
  • Comfortable slip on shoes 
  • Socks
  • Snacks - Mostly protein bars
Dad, Daughter, & Tacos

Dad, Daughter, & Tacos