Who Runs the World (GIRLS)

Another year, another pregnancy, ANOTHER GIRL! 

Wow! I made the comment that I wanted to add a new baby to the family Christmas picture every year and here I am pregnant yet again. I feel so blessed, excited, nervous... overwhelmed. This pregnancy has been different in SO MANY ways. I have had morning sickness, breakouts, and a complete dislike of any kind of meat or fish. Now that I am in my second trimester it has been easier to eat fish and chicken, but not my favorite thing. I have also become a water snob, I only want smartwater and will drink more flavored drinks than normal. I usually just stick to unsweet tea and water so I do not add any sugars or calories through my drinks, but thats out the window now. I have loved vitamin waters and low calorie gatorades as well. (not the worst sugar intake, but it still has sugar nonetheless) Overall this pregnancy feels harder, I don't know if it's the morning sickness, which I did not experience last time, or the exhaustion from not only taking care of Claire during the pregnancy, but a tiny infant as well. Something that has made it "easier" though is the fact that I am not counting every second of every day. My day to day schedule is so busy with Claire, Karis, and Balboa that I am almost up to halfway through the pregnancy without even realizing it. WOOHOO! 

Adding another girl to our tribe, AH!! I always wanted to be a boys only mom, so naturally I will have three girls. Goodness. Thankfully Brian has Balboa, our 120 lb 5'4ft Rhodesian Ridgeback that is ALL BOY. 

Aside from making jokes and the future cost of THREE weddings.. we are so excited to add another girl. My bow investment for Karis will definitely not go to waste! And this baby will have an awesome experience growing up with one sister sixteen months apart and a cooler  eleven year older sister. Oh I feel her kicking now, she is just as pumped about it! Welcome to our girl gang Victoria Blaire Craft. We love you so much already and cannot wait to see all the joys you will bring to our lives. Xo 

Photographs taken by: Kati Hewitt Photography