Karis turns ONE!

My sweet baby girl, today you are ONE. You have changed my world for the better and allowed me to love on a level that I did not know was possible. This past year has felt like FOREVER as I discovered the "newness" of being a mom. I remember getting nervous when I first burped you, bathed you, or started running errands with you. Over time I became more confident and then it eventually just became the norm. 

I know I have had a whole life without you present, yet I hate thinking of my life without you. We are so thankful for your health, your personality, your smile, your laugh, and the way you complete our family. We are so excited for the memories to come and to watch you become a big sister. 

My favorite memories from this past year: 

1. The way your lip used to quiver when you cried as a newborn 

2. We were home alone for the weekend. I had just changed your diaper and somehow I did not put it on all the way. Cue the peeing AND pooping all over me and my bed. 

3. The first time I heard you laugh. You LOVE laughing and its so adorable. 

4. When you started waving "hi' and "bye" to everyone 

5. The first time you understood I was not happy with you disobeying me. You cried and cried and cried at Papasitos. But what really killed me was the little lip you busted out for a solid couple of seconds before adding the tears. 

6. The first time you slept all the way through the night in your own room 

7. Watching you scoot around backwards on your booty and going forwards on your booty

8. When you figured out how to walk in the walker

9. When you try to watch tv while it is on or grab the remote

10. Looking upset anytime someone is eating in front of you and not feeding you

11. The way you light up when you see your sister and Balboa

12. Carrying you around in the Solly Wrap or Tula 

13. When you started to pull yourself up onto things and have the biggest grin 

14. When you started blowing kisses 

15. Watching dad throw you up in the air 

Photos taken by: Elizabeth Jones Photography